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Company profile

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Nantong Hongfeng Machinery & Electricity Co., LTD is a factory specializing in providing mechanical parts and equipment for equipment manufacturers in various industries. 
Our own production capacity includes cutting, welding,  bending, heat treatment, machining, shot blasting, painting and assembly. One-stop whole process supporting, advanced equipment, rich experience. 
Excellent technology, intelligent workshop management, long-term service in optical fiber cable, automatic storage and logistics, metallurgy, injection molding, extrusion and foaming, high voltage transmission and distribution, industrial robots, wind power generation and other industries, won a wide range of customers’ trust and praise. It is our constant pursuit and goal to become a spare parts supply base for customers to be assured and worry free, and to help global excellent equipment manufacturers enhance their competitiveness. 
Our service concept is: honesty and win-win, professional service equal attention!

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Nantong Hongfeng Machinery & Electricity Co., LTD

ADD:No. 89, Shigang Industrial Park, Tongzhou District, Nantong, Jiangsu



Mobile phone:Manager Lin  +86-18796179105


Time of issue:2019-11-26 00:00:00
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